Conveyancing is the legal process where ownership in immovable South African property is transferred from one party to another legal entity. Conveyancing also deals with related aspects such as the registration of mortgage bonds and real rights in respect of immovable property.Immovable property is any land (whether improved or not) such as a dwelling, a house, a farm, a vacant erf or a sectional title unit.A conveyancing transaction involves a number of steps which normally begins with an Offer to Purchase or a Deed of Sale and continues through to the registration of transfer of ownership or the registration of the mortgage bond in the Deeds Office, the reconciliation of finances and the ultimate payment of the purchase price to the Seller.The change of ownership of an immovable property doesn't just happen when the Offer to Purchase is signed, or even when the purchase price is paid to the Seller. Rather, for ownership to change hands, the property needs to go through a detailed registration process at the Deeds Office, where the home is transferred into the new owner's name - this process requires the services of a conveyancing attorney.